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Books Reviewed in October, 2012

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Angel of Darkness (The Fallen #1) by Cynthia Eden [Spoiler Free]

I'm not a real big fan of romance novels, but this was a great read. It was non stop action from the get go. And I have to say, that is something I just cannot turn away from. 
The writing was beautiful. It was not hard to follow, and there was more action than there was sex--which I am thankful for. I don't read these books for the sex scenes. But for those who do, you will not be disappointed as the sex is not repetitive, however, Cynthia is a user of the dreaded "sex" term for vagina. Good thing I don't read these for the sex scenes, because that is just not sexy.
The character development was fantastic. And the spin at the end with Keenan and Azrael wasn't expected--the punishment being a reward. Beautiful. I will be eager to read the next one in this series.

Read from September 30 to October 01, 2012
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Brightest Kind of Darkness (Brightest Kind of Darkness #1) by P. T. Michelle [Spoiler Alert]

Okay, so this book is a cross between Final Destination and Forgotten. But written pretty well.

The plot was really well thought out. I hated Inara, though; her selfishness and way of thinking really destroyed the feel of this book. The writing was fine--it was just Inara herself that took away from the book. Which is why it only got 3 stars.

"So what's wrong with me?"..."You're asking a walking baggage-magnet what's wrong with you?"--Uh, this was done in Twilight. Really should have come up with something else. It was lame, and completely unnecessary to the book, and practically screamed "I can be cool too!"...Unfortunately, it made you dull. This stole a star also.

I enjoyed the lack of love triangle and also that the sudden physical withdrawal between Inara and Ethan had a valid reason.

I was appalled with how selfish Inara was when it came to her treatment of Ethan. She had a taste of what Ethan goes through and she couldn't handle it, but she still insisted on him enduring torture so she felt comfortable having him with her.
"I thought of all the people he would brush up against tonight. I hoped he could handle all the dark energy that would flow his way."
Mhmm...but she had no guilt about it, or remorse. Such a catch she was.

I wasn't sure why Inara having the inability to tell Ethan she loved him was necessary to the story. It just made me feel really bad for Ethan, throwing himself out there for her and not even getting "I really care about you" back from her.

I was also irritated with having her put into a formal dress in the middle of a forest. Unnecessary, and quite frankly it was cheesy and it cheapened the scene.

But I do have to say, I was fond of how the story progressed. I liked how the romance blossomed between Ethan and Inara, it was steady and I didn't feel that it was rushed in any way. I will be reading Lucid to see where this goes.

Read in October, 2012
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Transcend by Christine Fonseca [Spoiler Free]

Okay, this book was fantastic. What beautiful writing.
So many turns through madness you kind of find yourself going mad, too. It totally had the feel of Phantom of the Opera, which I loved.
This was a page turner for me. I found myself completely compelled to keep reading until the end. 
It was very emotional, dark, distressing, and very poetic in the delivery. 
For a book having only one major character--and only one with any character development; this book could have gone very badly---but it was polished! I am very happy to have read it. The only complaint I have is that I would have liked to know what caused the madness in the first place--but it was not necessary to make this book one of my favourite reads.

Read from October 02 to 03, 2012
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Spark (Sky Chasers #2) by Amy Kathleen Ryan [Spoiler Free]

This was an awesome read.
I really enjoyed that this book was not just a rewritten version of the first book, as so many sequels have been for a lot of the books out right now. And I also loved how the good and bad guys played musical chairs. It was a fantastic demonstration of just how the line between good and evil is blurred and easily crossed, even with good intentions at the base of all actions. 
It also shows, very well, how power breeds evil, creating madness in otherwise sane people.

Down to the core of things, Waverly, Seth and Kieran are all just like Anne Mathers in their own way. They all have their own brand of madness.

Ryan did a great job creating an enjoyable read of a very realistic account for how desperate people will act in such incredibly stressful situations. I loved it!
Read from October 03 to 05, 2012
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The Syndicate by Shelena Shorts [Spoiler Free]

It was rather slow into the build up of excitement in this book--even with the bits of action thrown in. It wasn't as gripping as I was hoping for. But it wasn't entirely boring either. The writing was good enough, it didn't annoy me too greatly, it just wasn't very captivating. It was easy to read and follow, but it was just too predictable.

I did skip over the majority of the church scene. It was boring and I didn't find that it gave anything worthwhile to the reader to tie into the book. It also wasn't very thought provoking or inspiring in any way. 

The whole Roswell part was rather ridiculous though. I think it might have done well to have left that part out. Aliens are more panic worthy than a crazy virus. 
I was rather curious as to why there was no mention of a cure? Rather than killing everyone, why hadn't there ever been a thought to have the creatures rehabilitated or even cured of their virus? It wasn't necessary to go down that route for the story, but I think it could have been explained that there was never any scientific conclusion as to what was happening with these people, and that a cure had never been found. It just felt like a loose thread to me, because I am sure the government or even any humane person would have wondered about curing rather than killing people. Especially since this had a rather religious base.

But it was a decent read. Took me longer than it should have to read, because like I said, I just wasn't captivated. So three stars.

Read from October 06 to 07, 2012
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Girl of Nightmares (Anna #2) by Kendare Blake [Spoiler Alert]

This is more of a 2.5. 

This book was rather disappointing compared with Anna Dressed in Blood. There was not nearly as much action, and what action there was, was rather watered down. 

And this time around, it took forever to get into what was really going on with this book. Too long. I think things should have moved along at a faster pace, and then maybe slowed a little once things got situated. I skimmed a lot, because there was no point to reading half of it.

So, the whole thing with Thomas and Carmel...what was that? If you're going to get rid of a character--just do it. But that whole drama was pointless to the story, and it didn't last long enough to be worth the effort. Nor did anything worthwhile come of it. There was no actual consequence to Carmel. She just came back and expected to be in the loop after making it clear she didn't want any part of it. I really think there was a missed opportunity for Thomas to stand up for himself and become an inspiring addition to the story, instead of just a transparent third wheel.
What parents just let their teenage daughter tramp off to England to stay with some strangers based on the idea that her friends might be there? And they're not even aware that she is going to show up? It's not like her parents were in the "know" with what was going on with Cas, Thomas, and Anna. I was really tempted to stop reading the book when Carmel came back. It annoyed me that much. That whole fiasco really ruined the book for me because it felt like useless fluff--which it ended up being. You didn't even get to witness "the talk" between her and Thomas...see, if you had, I might have been satisfied.

The other thing I really noticed this time around was the glaringly obviousness that this book was written for teenagers instead of from a teenage perspective. (And well duh, but when it's not in narrative form, I think it is important to make it seem authentic.)The language being used by the teens was unrealistic and at times inappropriate for the age. If you want the character to act like a teenager, you really need them to talk like one, too. Not like an English scholar who has now retired.

I loved how Cas just stood and watched as Jestine and Anna took on the Obeahman. He was supposed to be this awesome ghost killer, but he just stood there like an idiot. 

The only thing about this book that I was actually happy about was the conclusion with Anna. I think had it gone any other way, I would have been pissed. And this book would have kept that one star I was planning to give it.

Maybe this book would have been better had I not had such high expectations after Anna Dressed in Blood. But I did. And this did not live up to them, not even close.

Read from October 07 to 08, 2012
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Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols [Spoiler Free]

This book was really funny. It did have a few tasteless "jokes" in there. And I could see how this would probably offend people more than make them laugh.
I liked the fact that Meg wasn't innocent. She was quite the bitch though and I didn't like her. And with how bitter she was and the way she treated people, I found that I wasn't very sympathetic towards her either. 
It wasn't a bad read though. And it did have me laughing for quite a bit of the book. I read it in a few hours, so yeah, 3 stars.

Read from October 08 to 09, 2012
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Wither (The Chemical Garden #1) by Lauren DeStefano [Spoiler Free]

Wow, this book got a lot of shitty reviews, but I have to say I couldn't disagree with them more. This book was beautifully written. It is actually set in more of a mid-apocalyptic era, versus a post-apocalyptic era. Shit is still in the midst of collapsing.
But if you're looking for a post-apocalyptic read, this will not be for you, because that is not the focus in this book. What is the focus, is what goes on inside the mansion. I think a lot of the readers who gave this such a bad review, couldn't see past the fact, that what was going on with the world, was more of an explanation for why things were the way they were, and it was more of a back drop in this book. However, I expect it to be more incorporated in the books to follow.
This was a darker read. It was more about captivity and a strange version of Stockholm Syndrome. And I quite enjoyed it. It was rather easy to see how the lines between reality and fantasy could be blurred for the girls living in the mansion.
The problem I had was that Rhine had been married to Linden for over a year and hadn't consummated her marriage. There was no sign of anyone being suspicious over that fact, and I find it hard to believe, regardless of how many wives a man has, that he would let it go that long without riding that train. Especially because he was declaring love for her quite often. And I know it showed on a few occasions, Rhine talking her way out of it, but for over a year? That is just so not likely, no matter what kind of union you have. 
I will be looking out for more of the books to follow; I couldn't put this book down.

Read from October 13 to 14, 2012
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Silver (Bandia, #1) by Talia Vance [Spoiler Free]

It started off strong, with a lot of humour. 
Toward the middle it really fizzled out. And the ending just didn't set up anything for a sequel, even though there will be more books. This really could have, and probably should have been a stand alone book.

There were a lot of instances in this book between Brianna and Blake that were just infuriating. Brianna was incredibly easy to manipulate and quite frankly, she was such a push over. I'm not really sure how she was supposed to be a heroine because there was nothing spectacular about her. I wasn't impressed with the lack of thrilling action. Everything going on in this book was so obvious it really wasn't worth the length to get to the end. 
I am confused as to why most female main characters have horribly bitchy friends, who do nothing but put them down. Brianna needed to have a back bone, with everyone. She just didn't have any spunk, and fire that burned that wasn't magic related.
I really don't know if I will bother with the following books.

Read from October 14 to 15, 2012
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Seduced in the Dark (The Dark Duet, #2) by C.J. Roberts [Spoiler Free]

I just want to say that this review is not influenced by the fact that C.J. Roberts stalks her reviewers...;)

This book was just as amazing as the first one. I was completely blown away. I have to say it was extremely impressive that it could be done twice, with just as much emotion.
And can we say, flawless manipulation? There was so much manipulation going on, I was impressed with myself--and rather scared--that I could keep up!
However, I must say, being able to quote Shakespeare does not make someone smart...I personally dislike his work.

This story was tragic, and I found myself rather intrigued with Caleb, but I was not too surprised about his revelations. I had been suspicious in the first book.
My heart broke for him on so many levels, I almost justified his actions. It certainly was a great example of what lies within the grey. It also did a great job of causing a great debate within myself as to which side of the fence I would stand, if I were to be privy to this type of circumstance and had to decide justice. I still haven't reached a solid conclusion.
I think though, that I would not have been as strong as Livvy, to go through all the things she did, and still be able to hold onto myself. 
I loved the fact that she could not be broken.

It was a very emotional read; inspiring, if not very disturbing. And really, quite a depiction of real life and consequences...and perhaps a show of how not everything comes with justice.
I loved it. It is a shame there were only two books of this story.Read from October 15 to 16, 2012
Books I have.

Providence (Providence, #1) by Jamie McGuire [Spoiler Alert]

I was not impressed with this book for a number of reasons.

I noticed a lot of feminism promotion in this book and I have to ask, what the hell is wrong with a man helping you into your coat or holding a door open for you? That is called being polite, it is not degrading in any way, and the appropriate response to that would be "thank you." When I see a "woman" pitching a fit over a door being opened for her, I just wish the guy would slam in right in her face. 

It took a while to start making progress--and it was extremely tedious getting there. Nothing interesting happened for quite some time, and nothing was given to keep you held over until a big event in the mean time. And actually, there were only mediocre events to come. Nothing outstanding happened in the entire book. 

I also found myself becoming fast enemies with the word: adrenaline. Overuse of a word drives me batty. Please, refrain from doing it.

I noticed that the majority of females in this story had short hair. I think Claire might have been the lone exception. Nothing wrong with that necessarily, I just found it odd.

I was annoyed with Nina acknowledging red flags to purposefully ignore them. This girl was supposed to be in college, I was expecting her to have some sense.

This was another book that subscribes to the electrifying love interest. Gag me.

"How much is enough to know about someone before you can love them?"--This is a good question, but having only run into someone a handful of times--and I mean literally bumping into someone--wouldn't really qualify to most people.

"Now that I'd met him, my life would never be the same again." Such an ugly cliche. I wish it would never make it into another book.

I was really annoyed with how long it took to come out that there were angels involved in this. Especially, because it is mentioned in the freaking book description. Not to mention how in your face it was, with the glaringly obvious hints that came with every chapter before the cat is finally let out of the bag to the main character. I was fighting putting the damn book down. And now that I finished it, I wish I hadn't bothered reading it. The romance between Jared and Nina was sickeningly cheesy and not even fantasy worthy...meaning I wouldn't want that type of relationship, ever. Jared was at odds with his persona when it came to Nina. He came across as an insecure pussy.

"What will people think?" Good lord. I forgot we were dealing with college students. Yes, PEOPLE are who dictate what happens in your personal relationship! 

What the fuck was the Ryan shit for? Honestly. That whole fiasco offered nothing to the story. At all. It did however, drill into my skull how much I hate Nina. And how much I would have been satisfied, had her life not been tied to another, if she'd been killed off. I am a little concerned with the amount of novels out there with all this two timing bullshit going on here. Or using people to get to others. Especially where there is all this effort to get you to think that the female characters are strong, independent, courageous, perfect, yet flawed, young women. I think you're missing just how degrading these scenarios are, with how often they show up, and how eager and stupid the female characters end up being in these situations. You're making us out to be whores, who have no sense of right or wrong and are eager to shove our morals aside for any given selfish reason, even to go as far as to promote it with "trying to do what's right". Nina was disgusting. Asking someone she knows has feelings for her to pretend to date her so that Jared would get the idea that she had moved on? Then has the audacity to think "I hadn't set out to hurt anyone." mm...perhaps there should be some review of the shit she did, and the reasons she did them. She definitely set out to hurt people. She even knew she was being selfish with her wishes--she just didn't care. What I want explained to me, is why Jared would stick around. Or Ryan. I can tell you right now, those guys supposedly could have had their fill of women. They wouldn't have bothered wasting their time with Nina. She did nothing to reflect what ever it was they supposedly saw in her--and that pisses me off. I feel lied to. And just so you girls know, if you were to have a perfect specimen for a boyfriend, I guarantee he wouldn't be there waiting for you after you decided to throw him away, but perhaps made a mistake.

The whole vacation was a bore and again, served as nothing worthy to the story other than page filler. This whole book was page filler. Why was there even a need to have angels and demons and half-breeds involved? I think it might have been better to just have kept Jared as a fucking body guard. Anything angel or demon related was extremely low-key instead of being awesome action packed suspense! No...instead we had a bunch of kissing....more kissing...drinking...stupidity...more stupidity...kissing....boring...boring...and yet more stupidity.

I don't know why there were more books made to this....yuck.
/End Rant.

Read on October 18, 2012
Books I have *Shudder*

Lunar Light (Beautiful Damned, #1) by Penelope Fletcher [Spoiler Free]

I am not entirely sure what the fuck this book was really supposed to be about. I get the feeling it was just supposed to be about strange sex...technically bestiality. To each their own, I suppose.

I was actually excited to read about a wendigo...but no, that's not what you get here. So don't get your hopes up. What you get is werewolf with a different name that can control the weather. Yeah... 

Most wendigo are not supposed to take a mate....well it contradicts itself in here. Then there is some strange past for Evangeline that doesn't really add up or satisfy you. Luke's past is a bit more engaging, I suppose because it's dragged to the center, but even then it's nothing worth raving about. And the ending was just not worth any of the read. I won't look further into this. It wasn't the worst book, and I certainly didn't hate it. But it did not even touch the tip of the ice berg on my expectations.

Read in October, 2012

Toxic (Denazen, #2) by Jus Accardo [Spoiler Free]

I wasn't as impressed with this book as I was the first book. But it was still very entertaining.

I really want to see this horde of cabbages and parachuting carrots in action. 

I wasn't too fond of how whiny Dez was. She was very immature and insecure. At least she had good reason. But it was still annoying. I was grateful for all of the comical relief that came along with all the whining though. At least there was something to make it tolerable. 
I was irked with Dez's stupidity with keeping things to herself, also. It doesn't make for a suspenseful read for me. It just makes me sigh.
I was also a little bummed to not have all Kale's naivety on display this time around.
Not sure whether to be so excited for the next one, since this one fell a little short.

Read in October, 2012
The Butterfly Clues by Kate Ellison [Spoiler Free]

This wasn't a horrible book, but it wasn't fantastic either. I found myself skipping a lot of this. Especially all of her rearranging antics. There was just no reason to read it. There were no revelations from reading it, it was just slow and agonizing. I didn't mind her having her quirks, in fact it was funny. But when it became the entire focus for so long, it was just boring. I also skipped the majority of the Mario hunt...again, there was nothing worth reading.
The killer was obvious from the get go, and it was also too obvious who Bird was, as well. There was not enough character development. And the read was entirely too confusing. I think it would have been better had the connection to Sapphire been known a little earlier in the story. I didn't feel attached to Lo or the story. I felt it difficult to relate to Lo, since nothing was really let on about her for you to form a bond. Explaining what happened to Oren earlier would have helped the flow of the story a bit more too--and I think I would have bonded better with Lo also. And it wouldn't have compromised anything. I think it would have aided in the structure. 
The involvement of Flynt didn't really make sense--at all. He was kind of just inserted into the story--which would have been fine if there wasn't as much stock applied to the character within the story. He was necessary, but he wasn't applied in a manner that felt comfortable. He was kind of just there, and I felt that wasn't good enough.
That being said, it was a cute read. The romance between Lo and Flynt was refreshing. No love triangle, no obnoxious on and off again. It was interesting to watch them grow together.

Read from October 19 to 20, 2012
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The Forbidden Chamber by Ella Drake [Spoiler Free]

Gorgeous cover.
A rather lame read all the way around though. It wasn't very exciting, and I suppose it was supposed to be all sexually exciting too--but I don't think it would really appeal to anyone.
The plot itself really could have gone somewhere. It was intriguing. There was a lot of promise to it, but it never delivered. It was a simple read, quick and relatively painless. It just wasn't gripping or exciting. There were a lot of missed opportunities. And for all the sex involved, this book was really prudish. 
I wouldn't recommend it, but it wasn't the worst book.

Read from October 20 to 21, 2012
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Virtue by Amanda Hocking [Spoiler Free]

I really enjoyed the plot. It was a fun easy read; I read it in about five hours.

The only issues I had with it were: It was an evil electrifying love story and it was in third person narrative that liked to change perspective, even during the same sentence. Drives me bat shit crazy. I hate it. But unfortunately, it is a common writing style.Read on October 22, 2012
Books I have

Covet (Clann, #2) by Melissa Darnell [Spoiler Alert]

It was way too long for how little actually happened in this book. I skipped SO MUCH of this book, so there is just no way it could ever be 5 star worthy. I didn't bother reading the reminiscing because it was boring and it took too long to get to any relevant point. I skipped all the unnecessary memories of Savannah's Nana, and I also skipped a great deal of Savannah's round about thoughts. It was extremely repetitive, and often eye roll inducing.

Savannah was not appropriately pissed off with how her grandmother died. Anyone else would have been furious. Anger would have come before guilt, considering the circumstances. So I wasn't pleased with her lack of reaction.

I don't know why Tristan bothered trying to fight for someone who wasn't fighting for him. That's just stupid. I wasn't happy with that drama, it was just so outlandish and illogical on so many fronts, all it did was piss me off. I wasn't excited for them to get back together. Quite the opposite actually, I was hoping Tristan would just move on and leave her behind. He should have. Savannah was an idiot, and she brought everything on herself.
I was further agitated with how heart broken Savannah was when she thought Tristan had given up on their relationship. She dropped everything cold, she didn't give him an explanation or offer him any closure. She deserved the pain. But it was just too much to read her going on and on, and on, and on about it. That's what the majority of this book was. Savannah complaining about not being able to have Tristan, yet she did absolutely nothing to work things out for them.

I really didn't like Savannah in this book. She was full of self-pity and had absolutely no motivation. She didn't deserve the treat she got in the end. She didn't do anything to earn it.

And what the hell? Why was she meddling with her best friend's relationship? Was that really necessary? I guess I can respect that there wasn't another worthless love interest to play in Tristan's stead, but this was just as bad. Especially half of the shit that came out of her mouth. She was a horrible friend. I am glad Anne gave it to her straight. Too bad she couldn't reflect on it rather than defend herself with nonsense.

Did I mention that this book was extremely drawn out? It was painfully tedious, which made it hard for me to be excited about anything in the book. It took far too long to get to places you already knew were coming. And as I said above, it focused on Savannah wallowing in her stupid selfish decisions, being a complete waste of space, and undeservedly bitchy.

I am upset that there is another book to this series. Because that means that Savannah didn't get hit by a truck like I hoped she would. In the next one she should have no one. And I mean no one. With the way she treated everyone in this book--she needs to learn some life lessons. 

I was incredibly pissed off that Savannah got Tristan in the end. And I mean royally fuming. This book gave me no reason to vote for her happiness. None what so ever. In fact, it completely destroyed her character. I wish authors would stop insinuating to young women that men would be willing to wait for them to fuck everything up and get over treating them like shit before they decide they want to be together again. A self-respecting man would walk away. As they should. No woman wants to put up with that shit, and I can tell you now, no man would either.

Read from October 21 to 22, 2012
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Slide (Slide, #1) by Jill Hathaway [Spoiler Free]

This book received mixed reviews, swaying more toward the shitty side.

It was a unique plot, and a very interesting one. I just felt the delivery could have been quite a bit better.
What was up with all the weird names? I had a hard time taking things seriously due to it. And yeah, kids get strange nick names in high school, so I'm not disputing that, it was just rather distracting.
Silvia's relationship with Rollins was really cute. Although, I don't know many people who would bail on their 'best friend' just after they passed out.
I was rather curious as to why Silvia automatically assumed one of her school mates would be the killer, rather than someone she didn't know.
Certain scene repetitions got really annoying after a while.
I also wasn't too thrilled with how the bullying of Sophie was completely dismissed. There were no consequences to her "friends" for what they did. That's just disturbing.
But above all else, this book was just too damn predictable. A few twists--that you couldn't see coming--would have been nice.
But it wasn't a terrible read either.

Read from October 22 to 23, 2012
Books i have

Girl in the Arena by Lise Haines [Spoiler Free]

More like a 1.5.

This had some really bad reviews, and now I understand why.
I did like that it gave a brief history in the beginning. One, it was clever, and two, it gave you an understanding of what you're reading. 
This book had a tendency to go off on a lot of tangents that had nothing to do with anything. It got really annoying.
I found it stupid for Lyn to act like Tommy was murdered. Especially as it was explained that she had grown up in Gladiator culture. In fact, the whole plot could have been awesome--but it was really lame, unfounded, and ended terribly. It was not a satisfying read. It is a shame, because it had such potential, but it did not deliver at all. I found that there was no closure to anything in this book. There was no closure with the GSA, there was no closure with Thad and his predictions, there was no closure with Lyn and her predicaments, there was no closure with Uber, and there was no closure with Mark. This book was not complete in my opinion.

Read from October 23 to 24, 2012

Half-Blood (Covenant, #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout [Spoiler Alert]

Why the blue shimmery dust? Why cutesy it up? I have a big problem with that. It doesn't seem very daimon-like to me. It screams art project of a five year old rather than dangerous.
There was an inconsistency that bothered me. When Alex went to go kill her mother, she was able to get weapons. It was mentioned earlier in the book that they were locked away after a certain time. Which one is it?
The fact that she almost got her friend killed was played down a lot. And that doesn't seem right to me. She should have felt more responsibility than she did. She sure didn't take her lecture very seriously afterward. And that annoyed me too. She had no reason to bristle when told she was barely in one piece. She should have been punished for her recklessness, not rewarded with nice sentiments. It bothered me that she was being rewarded by being told she would make an outstanding Sentinel, because as she stands, she wouldn't. She is reckless, careless, selfish, impulsive, arrogant, and doesn't respond well to authority. Nothing about her qualities would make her good at anything that required her to keep her head on her shoulders. Granted, she went through a lot. But that doesn't mean she should be coddled.
Unfortunately, this book left little to be questioned. It spelled everything out for you before anything happened, and then took a really long time to get to what you already knew would happen. And that wasn't just for this book. I have a pretty good idea of what is to come in the next books. I am hoping I am wrong, otherwise I am in for a big disappointment. 
Aside from that, I read this book in less than a day. And it was easy to read. There was also enough entertainment to keep me interested.

Read from October 24 to 25, 2012
Books I have

Shadowfell (Shadowfell, #1) by Juliet Marillier [Spoiler Free]

Ah, a Kiwi author. That makes me happy. But I cannot be bias.

This was a very slow read, but not unpleasantly so. A lot of lessons to be learned. And I enjoyed that Neryn was not exactly fey. It was quite a different story involving the fey, and a welcome difference. I liked the fact that this book focused on the adventure, rather than romance. But I am a fan of the romance that is slowly forming.

I am looking forward to the next book. I have been captured by the story. I do hope that the next read will have more progress, and a bit more action. This one was rather bland, considering everything that was going on.Read from October 25 to 26, 2012

Promised (Birthmarked, #3) by Caragh O'Brien [Spoiler Free]

Real rating was 3.5 stars.

I liked that Gaia didn't necessarily get away with her fuck ups. The other character's let her know when she was using double standards, or being stupid. I also liked that it wasn't a complete happy ending--but at the same time I wasn't exactly satisfied with the ending. It was really bland. I found that considering the nature of this book, and a lot of the content in it, it was actually quite prudish. It was very awkward. An expectation of a peaceful rebellion? Yeah...the balance was off. I was disappointed with the lack of action this time around. It was more of a hate on Gaia book, because she was exceedingly foolish, morally confused, and rather cruel. She demonstrated why a lot of people are against women leadership. She was too concerned with morals to make a decent stand, and her decisions found serious consequences that could have been avoided. (I did like that there were consequences. It found myself feeling terrible for what was going on, but I was satisfied that there were negative outcomes for such mistakes!--That was my favourite thing about this book.)

Read from October 26 to 27, 2012
Books I have

Verity (Cursed, #1) by Claire Farrell [Spoiler Free]

It was okay. It was more focused on the romance side of things than actual werewolves business. Although, I did enjoy the scene where Perdy found out about them. I was laughing my ass off.
The language was a bit awkward for me...some of the slang was a bit confusing. And I am used to British-like yeah it was a bit of a rocky read due to that at times. I wasn't fond of there being a separate curse...isn't being a werewolf curse enough without adding another one? But it was an easy read, and entertaining enough. I'll keep an eye out for the next one.

Read in October, 2012

Delirium (Delirium, #1) by Lauren Oliver [Spoiler Free]

It was rather boring, considering the intriguing plot. It reminded me of Equilibrium a little. 
I would have liked it more if things had gotten a little more hairy earlier in the book. I didn't mind that it took a while for Lena to wake up from her brainwashing--but I think it focused on nonsensical things a little too much. I also would have liked to have seen a bit more rebellion--and I mean substantial rebellion, in this book. I am guessing it will unfold more in the next one. Which is fine, I just would have liked to see some of the build up for it in this book. The romance side of things would have been better if it actually progressed, but nothing really happened. She went from liking Alex, to telling him she loved him. And even though you got to witness their relationship "growing", it never really did show it growing, in my opinion. Things just changed as they were expected to be all of a sudden, really.
It took me longer to read it than a book typically will take me. And most of that was because I was so bored getting to the exciting bits, and there weren't enough exciting bits to keep me motivated. Hopefully there is more in the next book.Read in October, 2012
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