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Books reviewed in September, 2012

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Demons at Deadnight (Divinicus Nex Chronicles #1) by A&E Kirk [Spoiler Free]

I started off really liking this book. I was turning pages as fast as possible just to see what blundering mess Aurora would make of herself next. 
But then I was really aware of how immature the characters were for their age. Hexy Knights? For 17 year olds? Are you sure you weren't writing from the perspective of a 13 year old? And the names of the demons? I'm fairly certain at 17, this would have felt too young for me.
My like factor of this book plummeted further when Aurora not only made blunders with her movements, but her judgment as well. She throws herself into situations she has no business being a part of. She isn't trained; she can't control herself, and she ends up causing unnecessary havoc trying to "prove" herself to a bunch of boys. 
Aurora really is a horrible example of a female. She makes us look stupid, and ridiculously hell bent on getting ourselves and everyone associated with us killed. I am so over this type of "heroine". 

The plus side to this book was that it very humourous. Humourous enough for me to consider reading the next book in the series. But it will not be a priority.

Read on September 01, 2012
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Exodus (Exodus #1) by Julie Bertagna [Spoiler Free]

Okay...this book was really slow! I thought, as I was reading it, this book is just not for me...but maybe it will pick up as things progress. Well, that never happened. It dragged on and on, right until the end.

The romance, which wasn't surprising in the slightest, other than it happened like super fast, pretty much out of nowhere. That could have been handled better, I think. How clingy they were of each other didn't make sense for having only met twice--other than the mishap of not being aware of who each other were. With how slow this book was, I don't see why they couldn't have met in the Weave a few more times to really give their "love" kindling. There was little explanation for the "connection" other than convenience for the story.

"Helter-skelter" became a very sharp thorn in my side by the end of this book. 

What was the purpose of Tony Rex? All this character did was slow down the progress of this book even further. He took part in useless suspense that lasted less than a minute. And what action could have come from that was completely avoided. So again, why was he even brought in?

The only action, which you had to wait until the tail end of the book for, was so watered down that it wasn't worth the agonizing read.

The pluses? There were a few quote worthy sentences and paragraphs in here. Unfortunately, not enough to get me to read any further into this series.

Read from September 01 to 02, 2012
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Unfurl (Ripple #3) by Cidney Swanson [Spoiler Alert]

This book fell really flat considering the two before it. I still really enjoyed the overall story and ideas behind it. It was just the meat on the bones that wasn't so good this time around.
Like, what was there to think about with Hans' request? Why was my time wasted with her teetering? 
I was also left wondering how Gwyn knew the fire wasn't an accident. There was reason to be wary or suspicious but there was no reason for her to just know. And if Hans wanted her dead, I think he would have made sure she was dead rather than just setting a fire and running away. Going by his past, him not being thorough was out of character.
Not enough was done to place suspicion on Pfeffer. I think it would have been better to have revealed him as living rather than dead later in the story. It was all too obvious where that whole route was going.
As the ending of a series, this one wasn't very satisfying. I guess the other two books were such a good read that the ending of this book was a little disappointing to me. Cute read though.

Read from September 02 to 03, 2012
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Hollowed (Half Light Saga #1) by Kelley York [Spoiler Free]

Awesome action packed beginning...can't go wrong there!

I was surprised and disappointed Briar didn't get pissed off with Daniel. I was eagerly awaiting a smack down...but no, it wasn't meant to be.

I knew what was going on pretty quickly in this book which is a bummer; but even knowing what to expect, it did not ruin the reading experience. It was a very fun read. Lots to laugh about, too, which is always a plus.

I have decided that I don't like Noah, even with his reasons for being racist, he's just not boyfriend material! I think she needs to get herself some Oliver action! 

I am looking forward to reading the next one!

Read on September 03, 2012
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Red Riding Hood by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright [Spoiler Alert]

I wasn't liking this book until about 3/4 of the way through. But oh man, it redeemed itself something fierce. I've never read a book that just completely turned the cards on me like that.
First of all, the Wolf is the best part of the not let me know where that ended up is just cruel and unusual punishment--so half a star was deducted for that. But I must say, Sarah did a fantastic job of sending me on a wild goose hunt for the Wolf as she did the villagers!
The other half star deduction was due to the writing style. I hated it. Switching up narrative perspectives the way Sarah did was just very awkward, and did not lend to a smooth read. It made me question who's mind I was in right now.
Stuff like this: "From now on, the villagers silently decided, we will place our hopes on him." thrown in haphazardly is just awkward and annoys the shit out of me. Because before that it was talking from the perspective of a specific person...and then another one....and then from no one in particular... Yeah, I wasn't a fan of that.
I know it is kind of choppy. And you're going to be wondering what the hell is wrong with the Priest guy? I mean can we say psycho? Not to mention where did he come from? He's brought up as a possibility, but I don't recall there ever being a confirmation that he should be called in. Nor did I recall him being given the go ahead to kill everyone he saw fit and do what ever he wanted. 
There's also no reason for you to like the two male love interests in this book. You don't really get a feel for who they are as characters. I am not attached to either of them. Though I did find it odd for her to be just so sure of who she wanted when she knew neither of them for who they were now
It also took a little too long to get down to business with the Wolf. It's amazing I actually kept reading past the half-way point. But I saw this had some really good reviews. So I just kept going.
I would recommend it for sure; just get through the first three quarters and it will be worth it later.

Read from July 17 to September 05, 2012
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The Changelings (War of the Fae #1) by Elle Casey [Spoiler Free]

This. Is. Officially. One. Of. My. Most. Favourite. Books. Of. All. Time!

I loved it! I was laughing my ass off every two seconds. It made me cry due to laughing so hard. And that alone made me save a special space for this book. But I was in love with Jayne! She reminded me so much of me in my teen years. So, I'm kind of bias of her character! But she was hilarious, sassy, and just a joy to read from. 
My favourite part would have to be her thinking about peeing on the werewolves, because that's exactly what I was thinking. So I read that and was like, HELL YEAH! That alone made my day--disgusting as it may be. =D

I also loved that this book has so much respect for the trees. I love trees. It made the book that much more majestic, showing off how powerful they are. I was thinking the lack of extreme action was going to bother me, since it spent a lot of time with the trees and what not, but no, it was a perfect harmony to this book.

I am eagerly awaiting the sequel! And I recommend this book to EVERYONE. It is just a hilarious ride, that leaves you wanting more.

Read in September, 2012
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Lure (Siren's Call #1) by Stephanie Jenkins [Spoiler Free]

This was a decent read. It was better than I expected. There were no surprises though. It was obvious about how everything was going to go, and that was really disappointing. I like to be caught off guard.
It has enough going on though, to keep you interested in the story. So I wouldn't mind following where this book leads.

Read from September 05 to 06, 2012
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Warped by Maurissa Guibord [Spoiler Free]

Reminded me a lot of Incarceron. 
It was a very different read considering what I have been reading lately. A nice change. I like that there were no love triangles. Those are boring. So it got the first two stars just for that. I liked the idea behind this book. Very clever. My problem was that there was nothing to be excited or confused about. I was aware who the "lawyer" was instantly. And the reason behind Grey's actions were not up to my expectations. 
Then there was the problem with the fact that a healthy young male was incapable of outrunning a withered old woman.
Also, there was too much boring stuff to get through. I found myself skipping through a lot of the running/exploring scenes because there was nothing to hold my interest. But other than that, it was a good book.

Read from September 06 to 07, 2012
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Forgotten by Cat Patrick [Spoiler Alert]

 So, 51st Date, anyone? With a slight twist and a bunch of things that didn't add up? mm.
So the idea behind this was okay. But I am really sick of reading about crazy connections from a touch. That would be static electricity, not some divine sign of being soul mates. As for a heart about to burst...I'd say go see a doctor. However, if you'd like to spin something new for that angle, I think having her walk into a wall in order to discover true love would be well received.

And uh....what was Luke's obsession with ears all about? That was just gross. Ears are ugly.

"And then I realize that for months the boy before me has been lying to me" she is lying by omission also. Cute. Oh and her overreaction was even cuter. I hate London. She doesn't deserve Luke, and she never did anything that made me think she was worthy of him or her friend.

So there was never an adequate explanation as to why she couldn't see Luke in her future but then all of a sudden she could...that annoyed me the most.

There were some parts in there that made me cry. What with Jonas. I am a mother so I'm a little sensitive to those things...and I have monthly issues that may have added to the weeping.

Read on September 08, 2012
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Vanquished (Crusade #3) by Nancy Holder [Spoiler Free]

This book made me cry. In fact, at times it ripped me to shreds. Beautifully written. And I am truly sad to see the trilogy end. I was very attached to the characters in this story. The journey I was taken on touched me deeply. And for a vampire novel, I am impressed.
There was so much growing up done in these three books, for all of the characters. It was very inspiring. I was satisfied with the ending, though I wasn't sure if the last part was supposed to be humour or what. It actually just made me feel bad for Father Juan.

Read from September 07 to 08, 2012
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Dark Matter Heart (Cor Griffin Bloodsuckers #1) by Nathan Wrann [Spoiler Alert]

The whole CSI angle was nifty. I liked how it explained why certain things worked on vampires. I have yet to read another book that has done this. So one star for that. I also liked that it explained the mirror/photo/silver thing. Clever.
I was not, however, impressed with Caitlyn and that whole fiasco. There was no friendship that escalated was just...I like how she looks--oh look there's a gravitational pull--and, oh, BAM! Sure I believe you...when I should be running screaming due to the logical side of things. And oh yeah, hey, I like you now that you found me in a park...oh turn me into a vampire!
Somehow she decided that her boyfriend was dangerous, so she shouldn't be near him. But does she go home? No... What. The. Hell. Then of course, her boyfriend goes all crazy and decides he's going to force himself on her. I'm sorry, but I just didn't get that vibe from him. Sure he was an asshole, but he didn't come across as a rapist. If that were the case I doubt he would have waited so long to get in her panties. Which it made pretty clear earlier in the book that he was kind of pressuring her about it but hadn't been successful.
I was also irritated that he saved Caitlyn. I'm not saying she deserved to die, but I think it would have been better had she not been turned. Would give him some much needed character.
I was not fooled by the teacher. Was well aware of who, and what he was as soon as he became part of the picture.
The only surprising thing this book had for me was: who The Creeper was. Because there was no suspicion thrown on anyone. Though it would have been a nice twist had it been him all along

Read on September 09, 2012
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Easy by Tammara Webber [Spoiler Free]

This was such a sad story, for pretty much everyone involved.
I fell in love with Lucas right away. I also knew from the get go what was going on there...and I was a little annoyed that it was dragged out as long as it was.
There were a few things in the book that really slowed down the read for me. In fact, I skipped most everything to do with the music related stuff. It was just not interesting to me.
Lucas' story was just devastating. It actually made me like him more because he was struggling rather than this perfect cookie cutter guy. I didn't like that Jacqueline wasn't very flawed though. She was just a victim all the way through. I would have liked to see her be a little more real than she was.
I liked what was highlighted in this book though. The grey areas of rape, how rape can be misconstrued and completely ignored, even by your own friends. Especially on college campuses. And it shows you, if you do not speak up, you are letting a rapist target someone else.
The slow romance buildup between the two was a nice change, too. No crazy soul mate defining electricity flare ups. Realistic obstacles and solutions--that was a huge plus for me.

Read in September, 2012
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Shattered Soul by Jennifer Snyder [Spoiler Free]

I stopped reading this book half way through, but then I decided I would just finish it even though it wasn't doing anything for me.
First of all, it's one thing to describe the horrible repercussions of doing drugs and it is another to encourage it. And quite honestly, most of this book was spent encouraging drug use. And that was just damn horrible. It was portrayed as the way to deal with horrible life choices and horrible circumstances, but also as a way to celebrate and have fun--but acceptable. I was so very not okay with that.
I'm glad there were some serious consequences to end this book but even then it wasn't something that touched my heart at all. The reflection wasn't complete. And the writing wasn't very impressive. I certainly would not recommend this book to teens.

Read from September 09 to 10, 2012
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Descendant (The Shift Chronicles #1) by Eva Truesdale [Spoiler Free]

This wasn't a story worth it's weight in paper. It was about a red headed, obnoxious, supposed female. Tired of all the red heads lately. Now I really understand why South Park referred to them as soulless beings, though. Alex was just...not worth reading about.
There were no twists and turns in this book that you weren't given ample hints at. I'd be a little more than surprised if someone was shocked about anything in the book. Considering the story was written from Alex's perspective, I was wondering why you don't really know anything about her. I also had absolutely no respect for the way that everything was so easy for Alex. Don't know what she sees in Kael, and I don't know what Kael sees in her. I was bored for the entire read and I am just glad it is over. I would actually give this no stars...I do not recommend it.

Read in September, 2012
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Demon Kissed (Demon Kissed #1) by H.M. Ward [Spoiler Alert]

For someone who was given a choice of siding with good or evil, I was surprised by Ivy's lack of trying not to be evil. Her actions showed her practically embracing evil.
"I've tried to steer my path in another direction"...Uh...when was this done? When? Because nothing I read up until this point showed her trying anything at all... I must have missed something because all I caught was her telling lies...more lies, sneaking out to parties and whoring herself out...where was this attempt to be good? 
I am confused as to why there were 2,000 and 800 year old men going to school... And why hadn't Collin killed Eric yet or visa versa? It was pretty obvious they knew what each other were.
I was also annoyed with Ivy's sudden ability to fight. It would have been one thing had she been doing well in her training, but no, she was failing miserably. Her fighting should have reflected that. Rage, I am suspecting was supposed to be the explanation for this miraculous manifestation of ability. However, rage doesn't work like that. Typically it distracts you and has you making mistakes all over the place because you do not pay attention to what is going on. You know, due to tunnel vision, which she was suffering from due to her rage with Collin.
Ah, speaking of fighting; what was the point of having her fight her way to Collin? When she got there, some how they were both now exempt from the battle to have a heart to heart. How convenient. No, that was bullshit.
A mild gripe...but why is Collin, who is 800 years old, being called a "boy"? If I could raise my eyebrow, I would have when I read that. He had a wife and kid for crying out loud, I think he earned the title "man".
3 stars because yeah, I was pretty pissed with the aforementioned things. But it was a decent read and an interesting story. I will read the next one hoping it is better thought out.

Read from September 10 to 11, 2012
Books I have.

Iron's Prophecy (The Iron Fey #4.5) by Julie Kagawa [Spoiler Free]

Gotta say, was hoping Meghan would have grown up. Nope. Decides fighting while pregnant is inspiring and needed to be done to prove herself as not being helpless. She should have got kicked in the stomach and had a nice scare to show her why doing shit like that isn't smart. Who wants to willingly endanger their child? And honestly, POOR PUCK! Why not leave him alone? Why is he on this mission? Hasn't he had his nose rubbed in this shit long enough? I love Puck. He is my favourite character along with Grimalkin, but I think this is unnecessary torture on his part. Down right cruel.

Read in September, 2012
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Beautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles #1) by Kami Garcia [Spoiler Free]

I loved the clever way this book introduced bigger words people in the teen years may not understand. 
I also liked that the relationship between Ethan and Lena progressed at a more natural pace versus: I see you, you see me, now it is abundantly clear that I love you and I will do anything for you, let's have a baby.
Sure, he thought he was in love with her before he met her, but he wasn't telling her after two days, or even two weeks that he felt that way. He waited a good 6 months.
I liked Lena as a character. I'm not sure how I feel about Ethan, though.
I liked that he stood up to his peers, but he didn't ever stand up to Lena. And that bothered me. He followed her like a puppy chasing a bone. Whether she was happy to see him or not. He never called her out on how she was treating him at all. So him not caring how the whole town felt seemed a little out of character for him.
I loved Macon Ravenwood, and the end was a shame. He and Amma were my favourite characters of the book. 
I have to say the book wasn't anything that I was expecting. It was a little boring in quite a few places that I skipped to keep the story flowing for me, so it can't achieve five stars.
The lack of explanations irritated me a bit. I was expecting a lot more complications due to the Book of Moons, but nothing really happened that was out of the usual for this style of book. Which is s shame because there were a lot of opportunities for this book to go above and beyond, to knock you off you socks, that it just didn't take.
I will read the next one.

Read in September, 2012
Books I have.

Bad Girls Don't Die (Bad Girls Don't Die #1) by Katie Alender [Spoiler Free]

This wasn't a fantastic book by any means, but it wasn't a horrible read either. It was entertaining enough. The romance with Carter and Alexis was a little unnecessary though. There wasn't really a reason for him to be in it at all. Nor was the fact that he had attempted suicide. Stuff like that annoys me. There was no real history between the two, so I don't know why a big deal was made about the connection they were supposedly sharing but she was fighting; for no real reason, might I add. 
It was just lame page filler--I am not a fan.
I also would have expected a little more of a fight from the ghost when it came down to their little battle, considering the things this particular ghost was capable of. For all the hype the book was creating over this ghost, it was rather disappointing when it ended up as fierce as a fluffy kitten.
I'm quite unsure as to the reason behind the attitude of Alexis in this story. Why was her being a social outcast relevant to anything? The way she saw things and treated people and judged everything just made me dislike her. I didn't want to sympathize with her or relate to her in any way. I just wanted her to grow up.
I may read the next one, but it won't be a priority.

Read in September, 2012
Books I have.

Ethereal (Celestial #1) by Addison Moore [Spoiler Alert]

What the hell kind of train wreck was this? Let's just say I only managed to get through the first few chapters before I started getting overloaded with this book.
This book just didn't slow down for anything. Normally, I like fast paced books, but this one? You don't even have time to figure out what's going on in one setting before you're thrown into another. 
So, it starts off with Skyla moving from Cali to Wash. She arrives at her new home and immediately is BFF'd to Brielle, and when I say immediately, I mean as soon as she steps out of her car immediately. Well let's not waste one more minute, now she's off to the the bowling alley, with her still shining BFF, and OMG, there are not one, but TWO, beautiful, sexy, hottest guys in the world. But we cannot be outdone with this fast paced introduction! Now Skyla and Logan share something in common...oh noes. But even better is her kissing him after knowing him all of maybe a day and a half. But we'll add to this mix with the fact that Skyla not only lives in a murdered girl's house, but also in her room, is now BFF'd to the murdered girl's best friend, and is taking it up with her on and off again boyfriends--who just happen to be cousins and those two beautiful, sexy, hottest guys on the planet I was telling you about. Does it stop there? No, no, no. The cheerleaders hate her....there's something going on with her mom and step dad...and Sexy Logan knows what's going on with her but won't tell her....

Who am I?
Not funny. I don’t scare easy.
You’re lying. He gives a bleak smile.
So it’ll frighten me?
It will and it should.

I couldn't go any further......I made it to chapter 9 and said NO MORE! I have to say, I think this book has just taken the first spot of my most hated book pile....I didn't think it could get worse than Alyson Noel's writing....but I was proven wrong.

Read in September, 2012
Books I have...*shudder*

The Binging (The Velesi Trilogy #1) by L. Filoon [Spoiler Alert]

I liked it. I like Tharin and I really like Julia. I am not a big fan of Lily, but I don't hate her either. She is just a little too weepy for me to think of her as this strong woman, like the book wants you to think she is. I also liked that the love triangle fell to Tharin and him being in love with someone else. But I have a feeling that Kalis is going to be a lot of fun in the next book. I'm looking forward to her.
My biggest problem though, would be how fast the relationship between Julia and Tolan went. They've only known each other for 2/3 days and they're already declaring love? Come on. Since this isn't a stand alone book, I don't see why that couldn't have waited. It pissed me off because it cheapened their relationship a lot.
This line irritated me also: He's so sincere that I can't help but forgive him. This would be due to Mellis not telling her who sent the message sphere and who it was for. There was nothing for her to forgive; she was the one being nosy. It was Mellis who should have been doing the forgiving.
But aside from that, I found myself laughing a lot. Though I guessed a lot of what was going on in this book and I have a feeling I know how some of it will go in the next one, I am eager to read the next in this trilogy.

Read from September 14 to 15, 2012
Books I have.

The Mating (Law of the Lycans #1) by Nicky Charles [Spoiler Free]

I don't remember where I got this from as I have a lot of books. 
Well this started off interesting. But for a romance novel it was really low key--which was a good thing. Because the sex was repetitive and wow am I glad I am not Elise, having to be subjected to nothing but missionary. That got boring really fast.
The overall story itself wasn't that bad, but it wasn't anything swoon worthy either. I found a lot of things about it annoying. But for some reason I just had to finish reading it, which is why I gave it two stars. Because through it all, it did manage to hold my attention.

The dialogue was pretty poor. And the thoughts from Elise were really lame. Actually, Elise herself was a dud of a character. There was nothing about her to tie you to her. She was horribly timid. She was a complete imbecile. And that pissed me off the most. No girl is as air headed and dim witted as Elise was. But her story was interesting. Since she was mated against her will. But I was really more interested in what was going on with Kane. He was a far more appealing character. He had substance, things to admire and to attach yourself to, unlike Elise. I really would have liked to see more of how Kane felt about dealing with being mated to a stranger. But this book was hell bent on making you think that Elise was the victim in everything. And that just made me dislike her more. I know Kane had a choice in mating her or not, but she was still a stranger to him. 

I wasn't sure what the point was of having Elise list everything that had been going on. It was abundantly clear to the reader what was going on, that tidbit was completely unnecessary. I really dislike when authors feel the need to repeat EVERYTHING time and time again. You don't have to write these books assuming, we, readers, are not capable of comprehending your writing. We can follow a plot. And we don't just forget everything you have written. However, when you make a habit of saying the same thing over and over again, I just want to stop reading your book. It's insulting.

I wasn't very fond of the writing style...Having the book be from a narrator's perspective but then having things like "Hmmm!" and "Darn!" thrown in there from Elise's perspective came across incredibly childish. I winced every time something like that came up.
The other issue I had was: everything was over explained. I really did think this book was written for morons who couldn't get the gist of anything being said. The fact that this book had sex in it made it even worse. It seemed incredibly juvenile and just written for 12 year old's or something. And that's terrible. No 12 year old should be reading this type of novel.

I don't know...2 stars is pretty generous considering the issues I have. But since it did keep me occupied, I felt it would be unfair to give it any less.

Read in September, 2012
Books I have.

Thr3e by Ted Dekker [Spoiler Alert]

Speed meets Fight Club--that's what this is. And it was fantastic.
I was appropriately confused throughout most of this book. Even toward the end there when it has been spelled out for you, Ted Dekker was able to throw me through a loop; second guessing myself, trying to figure out the facts as I saw them. So wonderfully written. I found myself caught up in the whole debate about whether man was evil, or if he created it. Or if there was a choice of being evil, and what evil was worse than any other evil, or if all evils were equally as evil when you break it down to its base point. Very eye opening.
Kevin's past was rather intriguing. It was also completely random. Where on earth did that come from? Someone who has created their own reality but then forced it on everyone in their life. That was interesting. Very sad, but I found it fascinating, too. 
I was completely caught off guard with Samantha being one of his personalities. I had thought that perhaps she was just crazy too. That crossed my mind. I was thinking that perhaps she was either Slater, or maybe even the Riddle Killer. Or that maybe both her and Kevin were Slater...but were living this thing together. I didn't ever think about the possibility that she was another personality. I guess her character just seemed too real to me. Where as it was pretty obvious after some time that Slater was imaginary. The biggest hint to that for me was the thin motive behind Slater's actions.
What a wonderful trip this book was. I really enjoyed it!

Read from September 17 to 18, 2012
Books I have.

Cursed (The Devil's Roses #1) by Tara Brown [Spoiler Alert]

At times I liked this book but for the most part it just annoyed me.
What I did like:
Aimee ended up with the whole "the grass is greener" complex and it turned out the grass was really brown. I enjoyed that. It was nice to read a book where everything did not fall into place and the main character lived happily ever after.
I also liked the fact that every single guy, attractive or not, was not throwing themselves at her like retarded puppies. She went from being staying pretty much invisible. I also liked that.
really liked that there were consequences! There are never consequences in these books anymore. So bravo Tara, that was my favourite thing about this book.

What annoyed the holy shit out of me:
Aimee was quite the walking contradiction. She was contradicting herself left, right, and center. It got really old. It also made me wish I could reach into the page and bitch slap her several times with a slimy, stinky fish. She was supposedly smart...she wasn't smart at all. Just because she could store some random facts in her head, does not make her smart. She was an idiot.
Aimee never stood up for herself. She got angry and ran away; she might have thrown out one or two retorts every once in a while, but for the most part, she let everyone walk all over her. So I found her "curse" didn't fit her personality. Especially how she turned out at the end of the book. I didn't see how she could go from one side of the spectrum to the other. And that irritated me. I understand she was supposed to be a new person or what ever, but there was nothing that happened that showed Aimee even had the potential to change into that person.
So I understood that Aleksander had 9 months to fall in love with Aimee, but Aimee saw him once and then decided that, after loving Shane since she was a little girl, he wasn't a match for Aleks.... And she loved him instead...."I wished he was my first real love"....? I thought he was...hadn't she been "in love" with him since kindergarten? This is what I mean about the contradictions. 
There were quite a few interactions and thought processes Aimee made that didn't make sense, or correlate to the story. 
"He was toying with me, I was tired of going back and forth between him and Shane and I was tired of his act, maybe we can be together and maybe not." This would be one of them. I did not get the impression that she was toyed with, nor did I get the impression that Aleksander was going back and forth with her. She was the only one acting like a pendulum. 
Also, why had Shane been with her nasty ass sister? That's just gross. I really liked Shane, but I am totally grossed out that Aimee crossed that bridge with him. Twin sister's sloppy seconds. Yummy.

The writing in this book was all over the show. I noticed things such as: "and I" instead of "and me" or visa versa. "My family WAS farmers" instead of My family WERE famers"....and other errors throughout the book. I am really picky with that kind of thing because it really isn't that difficult to check your work. If I can read this book, I'm sure the author--who WROTE it, could at the very least, check their grammar and word choices. Hey, a dictionary can also help you to choose if the word really belongs there, too.

I am confused as to this need to have the hot, sexy super men be centuries's disturbing. What is the fascination with wanting to be with someone who is older than your grandfather? And what baffles me more, is why these perverted centurions would want to be with someone as immature as these girls in all of these stories are. It's just sick.

Overall, if you can get past the lousy editing in the book, it's not horrible. There are a few unique things about it. Although, a lot of it has all been done before. So don't expect to be jumping out of your seat with excitement.

Read from September 18 to 19, 2012
Books I Have.

Shift by Em Bailey [Spoiler Alert]

I saw that a lot of people were put out by this book...I didn't have that problem. I wasn't obsessively awaiting it's debut though, perhaps that is why I wasn't so disappointed in the read.

I quite enjoyed the read actually. Threw me back a bit with the Brit least for the most part it is close enough to Kiwi; that made it easier to get.
I applaud the lack of a love triangle--although technically, I do suppose there was an attempt of one. That cracked me up. Very unique. I also enjoyed the unique plot! It was a little something different.
Reading about Olive's life was a bit tedious at times though. And her being crazy and having an imaginary friend was a bit does this really belong in the story, kind of thing. But I must say, it took me a while to catch on that there was something off with Ami--since no one would look or talk to her. But I didn't put it together until a little bit before it was revealed to you anyway. I was very impressed with that.

The only issue I had was the immaturity of a lot of the characters. But as this is for younger readers, I think it will do well with them.

Read in September, 2012
Books I have.

Paranormalcy (Paranormalcy #1) by Kiersten White [Spoiler Free]

I am confused with Evie....sometimes she acts like a 16 year old but most of the time she acts like a 10 year old. She's awfully excited for pink which is annoying. I never got all valley girl over a colour. It makes me not like her. It doesn't give her a bad ass appeal, if that was what it was supposed to do; it actually does the opposite.

"oh bleep" is not cute. It is ruining my appreciation for this book. If you want the book to be clean and have no swearing in it, then don't say that stuff! It wouldn't have been so bad if it was only said like twice or something since it was explained as an inside joke. But since it came up every opportunity, it was just really childish and lame, really. There are other intelligent, even funny, ways to articulate frustration. That also goes for "what the crap". I'm glad the book is short, and it's a shame because I like the story but the language is killing me.

What is up with Evie and hitting? Actually, what is up with any female smacking a man? Hey, we're all equal now, so I better not see any women getting pissy about being hit by a guy when it's fine and dandy for a woman to hit a man...oh wait...we're not so equal are we? But seriously. Don't encourage that. It is not attractive. And using it as a way of "flirting" is pathetic. Nudging is one thing, but smacking is degrading. I swear, I shouldn't bother telling my kids not to hit each other. Even my toddler knows there are consequences to smacking people.

The romance between Evie and Lend is very sweet. I like him, he makes me smile. Evie is an imbecile though, but I must say her "innocence" with him is adorable. 

I am really disappointed with the lack of action. I don't know why she was ever involved with bagging and tagging anything. She was never portrayed as being able to do these things. In fact, she came across as helpless and naive. 

The story itself was okay. I found it a little too obvious when it came to the plot, and way too childish with the language. I did like that Evie had a fun side to her. I have to say that I really liked the part with her riding the office chair around the IPCA. I did something similar with friends at her age, only it was from some garage sale to my friends house, going down a few streets, so it brought back happy memories. But I wasn't in love with this book. I really wasn't in love with Evie, and I felt that nothing was done throughout the book to make you like her more than you would or wouldn't have from the beginning of the book.

Read from September 21 to 22, 2012
Books I have.

White Walls (Asylum #2) by Lauren Hammond [Spoiler Free]

Such an emotional read. I have to say, I love Lauren's writing style. She gets you straight to the point without any sugar coating! And it really opens your eyes to mentally disturbed people and what it is like to live in a world where you are seen as beneath societies parameters.
I was really hoping this would be a two book series rather than a trilogy (which is actually more than a trilogy now)--only because I am addicted and I HAVE to know what happened and happens. I am satisfied enough with at least knowing why she ended up in the nut house in the first place. But now I really want to know why she ended up back there!
I have to say I also liked how the romance blossomed between Addy and Elijah. It wasn't over the top crazy, leaving you wondering how that happened, but it also wasn't meek and boring. And you really do fall in love with the characters all over again in this book. Lauren has a way of getting under your skin with her writing. You really feel like you know the characters; you have empathy and understanding. I feel so wretched for Adelaide because she just keeps getting hit by waves. I like that she knows she is insane but she also knows that she is strong. Adelaide really is created as an admirable character. I really look forward to the next book. I have been putting this one off because I didn't want to tease myself but I just had to read it.

Read on September 22, 2012
Books I have.

Pushing the Limits (Pushing the Limits #1) by Katie McGarry [Spoiler Alert]

Real Rating: 3.5 stars
So, the book annoyed me pretty quickly. Because supposedly, Noah wasn't aware of the rumors going around about Echo, even though he was in her classes the year before. So there is no way he wouldn't have had some preconceived notion of her, or that he wouldn't have heard at least one of the rumors. I think that angle would have worked had he been a new student. But he wasn't. It irked me.

Grace was a horrible person, and an even shittier friend. It was disgusting reading about Echo when all of her friends were not being supportive and she had nothing to say or do about it. It was also rather disconcerting that Echo only had one friend who actually cared about her. And even then Lila could be a little wishy washy. I know cheerleaders are usually portrayed as having no souls but I think that stereotype is overused.

I couldn't get over how shallow most of the characters in this book were. But not only that, they were also unrealistic which made them difficult to relate to.

Echo was a boring character to read from. She had no back bone. She had no confidence, no self respect. Half the time she showed no real emotion to situations she really should have, and then she showed too much emotion for things that only required a little. She is a wind rider who does little to help herself. I couldn't figure out where this strength was that Noah told her she had. The only thing I saw in her was weakness. Because she could go tit for tat with his sarcasm doesn't prove strength. She was constantly herded by every person around her but herself. I didn't hate her, but I also found nothing about her worthy to invest my emotions in her character. The only thing that had me interested in her was her lost memory, which when it was revealed, was not worth the hype that was created for it.

Noah, on the other hand, was spicy, easy to relate to and sympathize with. He was actively trying to sort out his situation--granted he may have been going the wrong way about it at times but he was trying. I found it easier to identify with Noah's struggles, I also found him a more interesting point of view to read from. I personally feel this book would have been a whole lot better for me if it had only been from his perspective, and left everything about Echo out of it. That being said, I will admit that when she finally got Aire's car running, it made me cry.

"I had no idea where he began and I ended." I hate this line. It is overused. There must be another way to get it across that the character's are blissfully intertwined without saying that horrible line.

It wasn't a horrible book, but I didn't love it based Echo's perspective. I felt I got enough closure for Noah, but again Echo's side of things fell short. I wasn't satisfied with her end result at all. This book will pull your heart strings, so if you're into that sort of thing I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Read from September 22 to 23, 2012
Books I have.

Enclave (Razorland #1) by Ann Aguire [Spoiler Free]

I really liked this book. The action could have been a little better and not so repetitive, but at least it had some!
It was also a little predictable but I still enjoyed the read.
I quite liked Deuce, even though she was a heartless prude at times. But she was raised that way so she is forgiven. I really liked Fade, too. I even enjoyed his brooding nature, because he wasn't over the top emo or anything.
I liked that they all had crazy names and I liked the reason behind that. That was unique and it teased at my respect.
It did a very good job of keeping me engrossed. I will look forward to reading Endurance and then Outpost.

Read in September, 2012
Books I have.

Apocalypsis (Kahayatle #1) by Elle Casey [Spoiler Free]

Oh, Elle Casey, you did it again! I have to say you have become one of my favourite authors and I have only read two of your books. But I am in love!

First off! This is how a heroine is supposed to be! Funny, smart, and kick ass! But not overly perfect. Unlike most of the heroine books out there right now, Bryn is not stupid. She is not weak. And she knows how to handle herself! I absolutely loved her.

I just loved Bodo! And yay, a German! That's different. He kept things interesting. I am eager to know his story since it didn't really give you one. I'm sure it will come into play with a slap in the face in the future. I'm looking forward to it.

Another thing Elle does well: The parts, that would otherwise be boring in similar structured novels, are kept interesting with humour and excitement! I was not bored at all. I didn't feel any need to skip sections, and I was completely engrossed. Other authors really need to take a peek into Elle's writing and learn because she does it right!

Ah and her fondness of cliffhangers. I find I have a love hate relationship with them. As everyone should. I am very eager for the next in this series. I liked it almost as much asThe Changelings. And I really loved that book!

Read from September 26 to 27, 2012
Books I have.

Ever Shade (Dark Faerie Tales #1) by Alexia Purdy [Spoiler Alert]

This book was written terribly.
The main character was empty--she came across to me more as a cardboard cut out. There was no real attempt at character development.
I really detest a mixture of narrative point of view and first person perspective randomly interjected. It upsets the flow for me and it comes across extremely childish...and it really is just annoying.
I was not impressed with the dialogue. Shade's inner thoughts were also ridiculous. It might not have been so bad if she at least came across as intelligent rather than stating the obvious.
Shade was awfully presumptuous, asking all kinds of personal questions of strangers.
This book was not well thought out--especially in the first half of the book. Jack just takes Shade with him to Faerie for no real valid reason. Shade then embarks on a journey that she wasn't even asked to undergo. She was told to. And she didn't once object to it--which is rather strange.
Things like "She had no choice but to follow him"--referring to Jack, which annoyed the shit out of me to no end because she agreed to go with him. She was not being held captive. So she had plenty of choices.
Shade was a whining pain in the ass. She was homesick within a few hours of not being there. She complained all throughout the book. She was rather inquisitive but asked superficial questions.
"She saw no other way but to do what they asked of her"--again, she wasn't asked at all. She didn't once think she could object and say "oh, no thank you. I'd rather not risk my life just because you said I have to." If she had, I might have been more sympathetic to her whining.
The word play was horrible. It really stunted the reading experience. I found myself rolling my eyes and shaking my head often. I also noticed some odd word placement and a few grammatical and spelling errors. I am not sure how this book got such high reviews.
I kept reading this book because it got such high reviews, so I was under the impression that it must pick up somewhere later in the book. And it did. I skimmed a lot of it because the descriptive parts of the book were boring and just didn't really paint a vivid picture for me. But I did find myself interested in where this book is going. So I will give it two stars and if I happen across the next one at a library or something, I might give it consideration.

Read from September 27 to 28, 2012
Books I have.

The Hedgewitch Queen (Romances of Arquitaine #1) by Lilith Saintcrow [Spoiler Alert]

Vianne starts off as quite the hypocrite. And I have to say, I really despised her in the beginning.
I was surprised by her being insulted rather than understanding of her potentially being watched to make certain she wasn't a danger to Lisele. She supposedly loved her so very much, so I was sure she would have expected nothing less. Especially considering she ended up being murdered.

I was also confused with her way of thinking. Like, thinking Tristan needed kindness from her due to his own sworn oath to avenge the king...rather than him thinking he had unrequited feelings.

She was very horrible towards Tristan, it was shocking. I was expecting him to leave her behind in the bushes. I suppose she needed to take her anger, grief and frustration out on someone, but I pitied him.

"The darkness was my eyelids falling down" -- I loved this. Very poetic, if not straight forward.

I really loved the description used to explain how Vianne felt as she found herself falling in love. It was beautiful.

I was fond of how you got to watch Vianne transform. You actually get to watch her grow into herself. It is done very well.

There were a lot of parts where I just completely skipped through what was going on....mainly her inner turmoil that was rather circular and boring. So, not a five star book. But I am very eager to read the next one!

Read in September, 2012
Books I have.

Daimon (Covenant #0.5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout [Spoiler Free]

Did the job of wanting me to read more....
My complaint--why did the freaking Daimon burst into blue shimmery powder? That killed it for me...really. It makes me have a hard time having respect for them when they turn into glitter. But I am interested enough to read further.

Read from September 29 to 30, 2012

Masque of the Red Death (Masque of the Red Death #1) by Bethany Griffin [Spoiler Free]

I read this fairly quickly. It was an interesting read that never really made a whole great deal of sense. I don't know why Araby was the main character really. But it was a unique story.
I found myself skipping a lot of areas because it was rather tedious. I wasn't too fond of the lax drug use but at least it was understandable. I am certain a lot of people in her place would find themselves doing similar, if not worse.
I am not sure of who I am more fond of, Elliott or Will. I find myself leaning more toward Will because of his positiveness. But I do like Elliott for his quirky madness. I find that Araby and Elliott are too similar, though, and would not make a good match.
It was a very captivating read however, with everything going on. I am looking forward to reading the next one in this series.

Read on September 30, 2012
Books I have.

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