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Books Reviewed in November 2012

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Entwined by Heather Dixon [Spoiler Free]

Entwined was a boring read. It did have an original plot to me since I haven't read what this is a remake of, and the ending was cute. But I caught on immediately to what was going on, so the read was more tedious due to it.
I think if there had been more going on it would have been better. 
There wasn't much action, and hardly any romance. And the romance there was...was very little. In fact, I'm not sure how Azalea and her lover even came to the conclusion that they were in love. They only saw each other a handful of times, and had very little you didn't get to watch anything blossom between them. It focused more on boring dancing, and the 12 sisters being brats. So, I suppose it would do well for really young girls. But I don't think it would be much of a hit with girls older than 11. It certainly wasn't what I was expecting.

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Ceaseless (Existence Trilogy #3) by Abbi Glines [Spoiler Alert]

I think some more time spent on writing this book would have helped tremendously.
I actually liked the first two books in this trilogy; but this book...I don't even know how it got published. It was pathetic.
There was no real reason for Leif to be a part of this book--with how it went down. Considering the roles he played in both books before this one, I was really disappointed. Then the fact that Pagan was supposed to be choosing between Dank and her soul mate...this didn't really happen. This book was obviously rushed. Even the drama between Nathan and Miranda was half-assed. Actually, all of it was. The ending was horrible, and very predictable, but also unnecessary. It just ended up making the whole trilogy cheesy rather than romantic. I was not impressed. This book really let me down, and destroyed the trilogy.

Read from November 01 to 02, 2012

Emergence (Chosen #0.05) by Denise Grover Swank [Spoiler Free]

I really liked it for a short story. It really got me pulled in and anticipating the series.

Read from November 02 to 03, 2012

Chosen (Chosen #1) by Denise Grover Swank [Spoiler Free]

Started off with action...and kept going from there! Was a wonderful read. I had no freaking clue what was going on. And then when I found out what was going on, it wasn't quite what I was expecting. Which is awesome. I'm still curious about the guy that walked out of the wreckage in Emergence. I'm hoping that gets explained soon, because that had me wondering before I read Chosen...and I'm still wondering. Emma's past was rather tragic, and Will's past was just full of turmoil. I really enjoyed the characters in this book. The writing was fabulous. I'm looking forward to reading Hunted.
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Until Next time (The Angel Chronicles #1) by Amy Lignor [Spoiler Alert]

There were mixed reviews for this book. And I didn't like it to begin with. It started off by giving you reasons to really dislike Emily. She pretty much tells you she lacks self control, and then she goes on to display immense cruelty, selfishness, and lack of consideration for everyone outside herself. The reason I had a problem with this was that she was tainted for the rest of the book. That was her first impression and I found it difficult for her to redeem herself by the end of the book. The other problem I had with this book was that this story did not match the prologue or the epilogue. And I understand what it is setting up, but until you get to the epilogue you really don't have anything lining up with what you were expecting to get out of this book. So I felt cheated because you learned nothing about what you were hoping to read. It wasn't a bad book, if I hadn't had expectations given to me from the prologue that were not granted in any shape or form. For example, Matt is pissed at her in the prologue and it has something to do with a kiss--so naturally I was shocked when he was happy that Emily falls in love with someone else...after showing jealousy earlier in the book due to her being with someone else. The change in his demeanor was never explained and that was irritating too, especially when it reiterated the tension between them in the epilogue. But now you have to wait for the next book to find out what you were expecting to learn in this book. Now, if the prologue hadn't had me expecting this information, I wouldn't be so put off.

Read on November 04, 2012
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Dearly Departed (Gone With the Respiration #1) by Lia Habel [Spoiler Free]

I did not like that this was set in the future but also set in a "Victorian era". I liked that there was an explanation for this, however the explanation wasn't satisfactory to me--to make sense for if this should ever actually happen. It just wasn't put out in a way that worked.
I had an issue with the reinventing of the zombies, too. I liked that they were intelligent...but I wasn't fond of the fact that some were humane. But the rest of the story was put together quite well. There was a lot going on, and it held my interest really well. I will say ew to the zombie romance here, I suppose it's not too far off from vampires, but at least vampires aren't rotting. I also liked how this set up something that could never be a happy ending. I'd definitely look into the next book in the series.

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Eve and Adam by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate [Spoiler Aert]

There was, and was not, a lot of thought put into this plot. No, it was not one or the was both.
Now, the premise was very interesting. I even liked all the genetic stuff. What I did not like was all of the side stuff and exciting things...because they did not hold up to the rest of the book. In fact, they took away from the book...a lot.
For example, all of the Aislin drama. I mean, who would call their best friend who almost died to ask for help for her drug dealing boyfriend? Knowing there isn't anything she really can do to help because she's in a freaking hospital, and a wheelchair. What's that Evening actually goes. Now I understand there was a reason behind this...since this led up to finding out some important information. But this could have been done in a more logical manner, and better yet, there could have been some serious action. Some more James bond style, adventure even, that would have held up better than the shit we were fed.
I have to ask...why is the best friend of the Virgin Mother Theresa Heroine always a whore? And why is the heroine always a fucking virgin? Aside from E.V. being a genetic mod, there was nothing else exciting about her. Aislin's life was far more interesting--and I suppose that was why you had so much of her involvement in the book...because Miss Evening couldn't work this book without her. That's not a good thing. The main character should be someone that we want to know more about. I didn't care one way or another what happened to E.V. I was more concerned with Solo and Adam.
This book was also incredibly shallow...I mean it pretty much tells you that in the description, you know making the "perfect" boy. But, E.V. is disgusting...I don't think she should have found any love at all. She was horrible.
Really, I think this could have been much more interesting from Adam's point of view, but that was a missed opportunity, too. Imagine if you woke up one day and didn't know how you were made? And while he is having his melt down, his creator is telling him it's not important, and now is not the time? He should have gone on some kind of rampage...
This book could have been so much more.

Read in November, 2012

Defiance (Defiance #1) by C.J. Redwine [Spoiler Alert]

So let me get this straight...Rachel hates Logan because he didn't return her feelings...two years ago? So, she hasn't grown up in those two years and is still as immature as she was then? And I'm supposed to grow to love and respect this character...okay.
I noticed that Logan thought about more than just himself after learning he was going to be Rachel's protector. But Rachel was extremely self absorbed. What happened to women maturing two years earlier than men? There's only two years between Rachel and Logan, but Logan was certainly a hell of a lot more mature than Rachel. And I have a hard time seeing him fall in love with such a person. I don't see the appeal of men being so in love with immature, impulsive, idiotic females.
End of chapter 7...I really, really, don't like Rachel. I want her to get herself into a hot mess so she has to eat her thoughts and grow up. How pathetic. She doesn't though, it ends up being Logan who finds the hot mess an appropriate time to conveniently come to his senses so she can turn him down. 

"I should've known that in the face of my refusal to make a plan to escape Baalboden with her, she'd leap head first into a plan of her own."--Logan.
Yes, he should have. And I don't buy for one minute that he'd over-look that.

Some kind of compliment coupled with "but I'd never admit that to him" etc, got really old, really fast.

I wasn't thrilled with Logan's demeanor. He acted more like a woman than a man. I found it hard to keep him in the male species while reading this book. He didn't think like a man, though the author tried desperately to show he was one, making it painfully obvious he didn't understand women's quirks. 

There is more to love about Rachel...she is a shitty friend.

Thank goodness Rachel finally told Logan what was going on...I was starting to get my panties in a twist.

"...until I can't tell where one of us ends and the other begins." Eww. I hate this line with a passion. 

Willow's meddling was out of place in this book--yeah, what she was saying, I'm sure many readers agreed with, but it didn't fit.

Rachel was way too whiny to ever actually like as a character. And extremely bitter, but never matured.
Logan never showed up in my brain as a yeah, that failed.

The only thing I liked in this book, was that there were consequences. Lots of them. And there wasn't an automatic happy ending. There also wasn't a love triangle--which was appreciated but I have a feeling that won't be the case in the next book.

Read on November 09, 2012
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Caged Moon (Caged Moon #1) by Rachel Deagan [Spoiler Alert]

Hmm...the cover was pretty...I think that is the only compliment I have....oh wait...the idea that two of the wolves, at least, were born wolves first could have went somewhere that this book failed to take it...that was half a compliment.

What teenage girl--who was attacked by wolves and fears they are following her--goes to investigate noises at 3:15 in the morning by herself when her dad is with her!? She doesn't want to be too loud trying to wake him, in case the prowlers hear her but she has no problem turning on a flash light? No...they'd never notice that...
I also decided that all of her questions to Liam were invalid considering she was calling Liam out on the exact same things she was doing...oh, I don't know, like coming out in the dark to confront possible drunk men who may wish her harm?
Not to mention: why the fuck is she alone in the middle of the night with a boy she does not know, in the middle of the woods?? These things should have had better explanations.
It was not awesome with how the whole werewolf shit came up. That whole mess was poorly done. I would have recommended this author actually reading a werewolf novel before writing one, so she would know that the expectations were higher than what this book could possibly meet.
There seemed to be a lot of the story missing. None of it made logical sense, including the conversations between the characters. Things kind of came out of no where, and you're left going...what the fuck? Where did that come from? Or...Okay..? What was the purpose of that being said, other than to give the author a reason to introduce more of this crazy ass shit, without having a real explanation. That's called laziness, and it isn't something many readers are fond of...if any.
Charlotte came up with all kinds of crazy assumptions without really having a reason to. And that annoyed me. She only met Liam 2-3 times and somehow she is now a fucking expert on all things Liam? All right then!
Chapter 3: All of a sudden she is at her new's like a slap in the face. You had no idea this was going to all. In fact, through that whole debacle in the woods, I completely forgot that Charlotte was moving! So I was like "what in the hell..." when all of a sudden she is now in school.
"You weren't kidding. She does smell like a bitch." That was my favourite line in this book. And If I had stopped reading there, this book might have got a better review from me.
I was left to wonder how Charlotte could possibly have such a convicted opinion of someone she had met only three times. "He's so secretive." Not really, in fact, I'd say he was doing a really shitty job of trying to be secretive.
"Why are you so interested in me? You don't even know me." How many times was this question asked? I think at least 3...and it was never answered directly.
I noticed an inconsistency. Why was Ty in the cafeteria when Charlotte had her panic attack? They did not share the same lunch hour, which was explained when Charlotte ended up having Liam and his pack show up at her table. Funny that I can recall this but I couldn't recall if you ever knew what Charlotte looked like...
"He nodded in a way... that let me know he knew things about me." Uh...what? How can someone convey this information to you with a fucking nod...?
The instant love for all the characters in here, that found it, was disgusting and annoying. Character and relationship development is a GOOD thing to have in your novel. I don't know why so many authors feel the need to leave them out.
"If I hadn't known her better I would have thought she had done this before." Uhm, she didn't know her better. She knew her for maybe a week? Yeah, I don't know what planet Rachel Deagan lives on...but in the real world it takes time to get to know someone. I am also concerned with the fact that Ty didn't seem to have any other friends. She had supposedly lived there since at least the 3rd grade. I found myself feeling sorry for her.--See, character development is important so we don't get the wrong idea!
Charlotte is an idiot of character. She does not learn from her mistakes. She does not listen to all. Especially when she needs to. She jumps to conclusions but will not hear anyone out. She is also extremely gullible and believes people without question, when questions are indeed appropriate. She has an uncanny ability to make anything that requires a battery to die when it is needed. She prefers to jump headfirst into trouble, knowing it could possibly be the death of her, deliberately without back up. She also has no problem dragging other people into fucked up situations she creates, that could also get them killed. I hate reading from an imbecile's perspective. Why can't these characters have a brain and know how to use it?
This book was set up for convenience without explanation. And that doesn't work for me. It pisses me off. And I feel like I only read half of the fucking story. And this is how this book reads...only it's more like you're only reading an eighth of it.
Did I mention all of the missing words...or wrong words...and bad punctuation? There were also a lot of awkward sentences that really just didn't make any sense.
Yeah anyway...what a rant. I would not recommend this.

Read on November 10, 2012
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Darkness Becomes Her (Gods & Monsters #1) by Kelly Keaton [Spoiler Free]

More like 2.5 stars.
Some parts of the book I found myself really getting into. And then others threw me out of the story so fast, I forgot what I was reading. Had to regroup and try again.
It didn't take long to see some action. And I liked that. I also adored Violet. 

I found myself probably as confused as Sebastian when Ari would get mad at him out of the blue. I think he became the scapegoat of her failures more often than not. And I wasn't too pleased with that. The insta-love really ruined the book. I am not sure why--or when--Sebastian went from being standoffish with Ari to wanting her. If it was going to go the whole angst direction, I'm thinking Sebastian should have held off for a few days, at least. But since the book wouldn't support that, it should have been scrapped altogether.

Rather than spending time on character development, Keaton spent her time describing everywhere the characters went, instead. She did a great job of letting you see what the characters saw...but you didn't get to know the characters very well. 

Ari had no emotion where she needed to, but was having all kinds of random freak outs for no reason at all. The only emotion she really showed was anger...and she directed it at the wrong person often.

I was starting to wonder how Ari had any cheeks left to her...with how often she took to biting them.

The whole mask bullshit was stupid. I really wanted to just shut the book on that whole mess. I wasn't aware that wearing a mask turned you into a whore. Then after all that..rather than owning up to her own stupidity, she took it all out on Sebastian...again.

And poor Sebastian couldn't get a break on his own either...his profile was always "grim"...

I also wish it hadn't been so obvious with who her father was...what she was...and what was going to happen...because there was nothing to do in this book but wait for the end. Although, I will say, I do give it props for it's gross factor!

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The Faerie Guardian, Part 1: Guardian by Rachel Morgan [Spoiler Free]

It was certainly short. Very quick read. The story was interesting. I will definitely read the next one because this had potential. My biggest issue was the Faerie lore...some of it was incorporated but others--which you would expect, for example: Faeries and their names--were excluded. But yeah, I'm interested enough.

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Smolder (Dragon Souls #1) by Penelope Fletcher [Spoiler Alert]

Okay this was a horrible read---if you were to judge by the amount of missing words, missing letters, misspelled words, misplaced words, and grammatical errors. This book was filled with them. It was disturbing.
The beginning of the story really didn't make any sense. In fact, it never actually cleared that up. It was just kind of like, slam you into the middle of a bunch of shit and doesn't explain it fully. But it's like, if the book moves on fast enough, maybe the reader will forget all about that. It explains the reason why Koen was there in the first place...but it doesn't explain Marina's actions and lack of reactions.
Marina is a piece of work...I give her that. I liked her in the beginning, but as the story progressed, I no longer found her endearing or empowered. I found her to be obnoxious, disrespectful, over-confident; and I thought she brought shame on women everywhere.
Although, the rock scene was pretty awesome. I rather enjoyed that.
The way she reacted to meeting her father was uncalled for...I was shocked by the arrogance of her. Especially when it came to dealing with the dragon culture. Her personality clashed with itself often. She seemed more like a tornado...completely unpredictable. Because you never knew when she was going to act like a normal person, or lose her mind over nothing. And I suppose that was supposed to reflect her being dragon-like, but really it wasn't humbling. Her temper tantrums reminded me of my toddler. And it left me wondering how anyone found her attractive.
The other thing that pissed me off royally, was that she got up in arms over Koen kissing someone else. But nothing was done about the fact that she was also kissing someone else at the same time. But I would say her transgression was actually worse. She was making out with someone Koen considered family. That's just wrong on so many levels. And the bitch had no shame. Koen kissed miss Katya to get her disqualified on purpose--of course not that she knows that. But who did she think she was, getting all pissed off when she was doing the exact same thing? But this was never addressed. The only thing addressed was him--more than once. I am wondering if the suppression of women and the emasculating of men in this book is a reflection of a deep rooted issue that Penelope has with men?
Aside from that, the book wasn't too bad. Although, I would consider it the Dragon version of the Hunger Games. I'll probably read the next one.

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Cursed (Demon Kissed #2) by H. M. Ward [Spoiler Free]

This gets three stars because I am addicted to this series despite the horrid writing. It is entirely too predictable and repetitive. And this book made very little progress. The first book had a lot of things happen, which made it easy to keep reading. This book took me forever to read and it wasn't very long. It was redundant, very redundant. Ivy never has to work for anything...there is a lot of convenience. Things are because they just are, and I know...because I don't know how or why I know...I just do. But I want to know where this is going to end up. So I will continue to read...and that is the only reason.

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The Other Countess (The Lacey Chronicles #1) by Eve Edwards [Spoiler Free]

"What do you think?"
"You look like a mad beetle"

4.5, and not a five because there was no real action...and I think it could have done with some.
But it was good book, in my opinion. I noticed it got decent reviews, and I feel the reviews are accurate to how I feel about the book. 
I fell in love with Ellie. She lived through hell, and wasn't jaded by it. She wasn't naive, but actually had her head on her shoulders. I don't think there was any time I rolled my eyes at her during the book.
I really liked Will too, even though he treated her pretty poorly to begin with. 
The book made me cry a few times...
But, I can honestly say that I do not bite on or worry my lip when talking to a man I am attracted to. I have often wondered why this expression is so popular in books, and why it shows up so frequently. With how often these women bite their lip, they must be chapped and have permanent teeth marks. How attractive.
However, this is the first book I have read that has taken a woman's period into consideration when shit is happening! So bravo. I always wonder...are these girls so fortunate not to have their period while they're on the run? Because I know it would be just my luck that it would wait until that moment to spring up.
I enjoyed the read. I will be reading the next one.

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Lacrimosa (Requiem #1) by Christine Fonseca [Spoiler Free]

 2.5 Stars.
The only character I really liked was Aydan. Most of what he did was because of some noble cause--can't say much for the missing 500 years, but everything else you are told of him, that is what it amounts to.
Elle/Nesy, on the other hand, was just annoying. She was extremely arrogant, impulsive, stubborn, and ridiculous. Her reasons for her failures, and how she handled those failures, were terrible. She never answers for, or owns up to, her choices/actions. The blame is always fit for another. Aydan wasn't responsible for her murder, she made the choice, herself, to run off on her own. I didn't like her. I was really hoping Aydan would just eat her, and the story could go on without her.
There were plot holes the size of mars. I wasn't on board with Elle fucking up more than once and still being given a shot, when you're given the impression that most Angels would have been sent to the Abyss after just breaking one rule. I'm not sure why she wasn't brought before the council, like Aydan was, and sentenced. She got away with a lot of things. I was also annoyed because it kept referencing angels not having emotions--yet it kept showing all these angels with emotions. Why bother saying they can't/don't have them, when all of them end up letting their <i>emotions</i> cloud their judgment in this book?
The book ended how I predicted it would--which was also annoying. I'm not sure how it set up another book to this...because what I suspect was the line up, was extremely weak.
I did like the overall story enough to read further into this series...but I'm not holding up any great expectations because this one sure as hell didn't meet any.

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Forbidden (The Arotas Trilogy #1) by Amy Miles [Spoiler Alert]

1.5 Stars......

Okay, first of all, this book was not written from one or two character's perspective. It bobbed all over the place. Which was extremely annoying awesome...I also had an issue with the random side Miles just had to interrupt your reading experience to let you know her, that this room needed some serious cheering up! There were also a lot of grammatical and spelling errors. My biggest problem was the mix ups between the your, you're, there, they're, and their's.

The beginning was fantastic....and then what the fuck happened? Everything went to shit.
There were plot holes bigger than five galaxies. There should have been some time spent showing you what Rose's life was like in Romania. You should have had an idea as to why it took Rose over 300 years to escape.
Rose was not 322 years old. No way in hell. She acted worse than most 14 year old girls. I don't buy for one second that she lived for 322 years and didn't gain any experience in that time, or mature, or even become hardened from her life as a living punching bag.
I was left wondering how she came to certain conclusions about America, and it's people and functionality. I was under the impression that she didn't get out much--you know, as she was Vladimir's personal punching bag. But later on you hear that she went to parties, to the market, and that she somehow was granted funds? But, this is all hearsay, because you didn't get a glimpse into her life as Vladimir's wife. And where the fuck did Fane come from? He was just a perfectly placed character to be used and abused later, without having any real significance to the story.
What was the reason for Rose going to high school? There was no reason behind this decision. In fact, she didn't even bother to find some other vampire family for protection. No, she just up and decided, for some unknown reason, that Chicago was the place for her. And that she would be going to school--even though, supposedly, she was well educated. She sure didn't show any intelligence throughout this book.
I don't know what impression we were supposed to get from Roseline...but strong wasn't one of them. She ran away from everything. Like a pathetic loser. She couldn't even handle attraction...Any mistake made by her--rather than explain herself, she flees. I didn't like her. She was not admirable, she was not worthy of attention, she was not kind. 

And good lord, call a spade a spade. Because "immortal" is so much better sounding than "vampire" If you suck blood from someone else to survive--what ever the reasons for that survival may be--that makes you a vampire.
And blood that smelled like spring time and freshly cut grass? Why not chocolate? Grass doesn't make me hungry, but perhaps vampires and "immortals" are like rabbits...and grass is a mouthwatering scent.

Can we say Twilight much? Roseline's description reminded me of another Rose...Rosalie from Twilight. Then there was the whole car crash scene--okay slightly different, but still, why not have them fall from a building instead? And the infamous "No one would believe you!"

Then there's Gabriel...just happens to find using a private investigator...Okay, let me blow that one up for you, right now. Earlier in the book, Rose gets into the country using a poorly made, fake passport! Then, she supposedly smuggled her funds into the country, so she has only been using cash. Where was this paper trail that would have been needed for the investigator to find her? Fucking ridiculous.

And with them all going to Romania...uh...that should have been explained a hell of a lot better. That didn't fit in with the whole high school aged kids thing...or their parents pre-constructed character development throughout the book. Like I many fucking holes.

Read from November 18 to 19, 2012
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The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking #1) by Patrick Ness [Spoiler Free]

I didn't like the deliberate defilement of language. I understand it was used to show just how illiterate Todd was, and perhaps, different the language became on New World. 
The lack of punctuation made this rather difficult to read at times...and that took me out of the book. So, that didn't work well for me, either.
I also got sick of having information dangled in front of me like a carrot, but never even getting the slightest morsel of that information handed to me.

I noticed that Todd and Viola were the only ones of New World who treated each other as equals. I'm wondering where that is going to go in the next book.

I did love how this book was completely written in Todd's perspective--horror language aside. I didn't once feel like Ness was barging into my reading experience to make sure I understood what he was getting at. And he didn't add snide remarks out of nowhere that made me wonder just who the hell's perspective I was reading from. It was most certainly in character the entire book. I really enjoyed that.
I am looking forward to knowing a bit more about the Mayor of Prentisstown. I really didn't feel he'd be motivated to stalk Todd over the entire planet just to have him join the ranks. He had enough followers and ultimately got what he wanted. Crazy or not, I think there should have been a better motivator.
And Aaron was a strange terminator of a character. He was also very determined. His reasoning for his actions was a little more acceptable. 
In the end I could not put this book down. I had to finish it, so it kept me up until 3:30am. That's a good book to me.

Read in November, 2012
Books I have.

Wide Awake (Academy of the Fallen #1) by Daniele Lanzarotta [Spoiler Alert]

I didn't hate this book--I just didn't like it. 
First of all, was I really supposed to like Kayla? Because there was nothing about her to like. She was spoiled, shallow, selfish, two-faced, and wasn't aware of how to use her brain.
This book read as very immature. So many exclamation points where there really didn't need to be any.
The characters had no depth. Only Kayla really had any character development, and what she did have was inadequate. A lot of what she did or did not do was without any real reason. I couldn't figure out how it was validated to anyone. And that just showed a lack of effort. 
There was no point in this book that I was ever actually fully engaged. I never felt engrossed, or a part of what I was reading. My emotions were very separate, and I did not relate to anyone. I also did not form any attachment to anyone. Kayla and Hunter were the same people with different names and supposedly, different genders. I couldn't tell them apart.
The excerpt from the second book was looking a little more promising, And if I stumble across it, I might give it a go. But I won't be out looking for it. And I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone after an engaging read.

Read on November 21, 2012

Project 17 by Laurie Faria Stolarz [Spoiler Free]

This was like a Halloween version of The Breakfast Club.
It wasn't terrible, but there just wasn't enough spookiness or action to really make it worth the read. The overall story was good, but I think it ended up being a watered down version of what it could have been. 
I also noticed that during one of the Mimi POV's Laurie seemed to forget whose POV she was writing from because she quoted Mimi in the third person.--Mild...but stuck out enough for me to take note of.
It's a quick read. It didn't take me too long to get through it.

Read from November 21 to 22, 2012

Sleight (AVRA-K #1) by Jennifer Sommersby [Spoiler Alert]

Okay...the description on this book said that Gemma was best friends with an elephant....yeah, it lied. From what I read--and perhaps my book was a dud--Juniper was Gemma's best friend, and the elephants only showed up on a few occasions.

I found that I liked Henry more than I liked most of the other characters in the book. I, too, am not a fan of Shakespeare. 
He wound up having more depth than any other character, and for the most part, his personality kept pace with his development. The same could not be said for miss Gemma. 

3 days or so after having met Henry, miss Gemma decides she is obviously in love with him. No. I think I would have preferred these two falling in love later in the series. There is too much in this book that stands between them, really, and they did not have enough time with each other to form that kind of attachment. 

Gemma was not very good at seeking information. She was also not inquisitive about anything happening in the book. She was very dull. I was surprised by her lack of being or doing anything interesting. The only thing that ties Gemma to this book at all, is all the drama surrounding her. She isn't even anything worthwhile in the circus! I mean, come on!

I don't know about anyone else out there, but if I was under the impression that I had been making out with my brother, I wouldn't let someone telling me to be quiet and a few pain pills stop me from letting the other half know. It was also done in such a way, that it was pointless having that in there at all. Way too obvious where it was heading. I was even aware that Ted would be the father.

She is such an idiot, I mean she has everything spelled out for her, but she still doesn't catch on.

"He sleeps with Angelina Jolie, dude. I'm not even into chicks, but I'd so be into her."---uh what? You either are into girls, or you're not. There is no in between. If there is any one chick you would make an exception for, then you're into girls. 

There really wasn't enough character development for all of the characters in the book. Ash, for example, you don't really know what his nature would be, because you only get examples from a very scorned Gemma. Which, in reality, is a jaded perspective. 

There were a lot of plot them going to school for the remaining 4 months of their last year in school....why? There was not a valid reason for this happening. Moving permanently into an area wasn't really adequate. And Gemma was getting along with Summer when she first met her..and then all of a sudden without reason, Summer gets kind of bitchy and condescending. Juniper is supposed to be Gemma's best friend...but Gemma tells her absolutely nothing about anything...That doesn't sound like a sisterly best friend relationship.
Why did Irwin and Irina bring up their dreams to Gemma, but then not tell her anything about it? *Rolls eyes* Not to mention Gemma paid them no mind at all...You'd think with everything else going on, she would at least listen and be curious--but she isn't.

Gemma's reaction to what happens to Marlene was deplorable. I mean wtf? She really comes across as not liking anyone else stealing her spot light. So, if something terrible happens, well, she just has to one up them by being outrageously moronic. It's not even until well after all of this shit goes down, that her reaction might have been a little understandable. She is really selfish for what she puts everyone through. 

Anyway, by the time Gemma actually decided to take on her role in the book, I had already given up on her. I hate her and she never redeemed herself at all.
I might have enjoyed the book more if there had been less stupidity coming from Gemma, and more action earlier in the book. It was boring for the first 3/4 of it. 
I really wish authors would stop writing books about girls who are "independent" but rely 100% on everyone else and the male love interest in the book. It makes females look stupid as fuck. None of us want to be that dumb.

Read from November 22 to 23, 2012
Books 'I have.

Hunted (Chosen #2) by Denise Grover Swank [Spoiler Free]

Oh I like this series something fierce. Why? The non-stop action, of course!
I did not see the point in Emma not confirming the pregnancy. She knew she was, Will knew she was, we knew she was, everyone else in the book knew she was. It was a lame attempt at drama, and Denise--tsk tsk, you can do so much better! I suppose it did serve its purpose of letting us know just how fucked up Emma was to Will...and let me tell you, she was incredibly fucked up to Will. I did love that there were some serious consequences for how she treated him though!
This book was really just a hate on Emma book. She was terrible in this one. She refused to accept responsibility for her actions. She blamed her failures and short-sightings on Will, or anyone else she could pawn her mistakes on to. She was childish, selfish, impulsive, and rash. And the worst trait she showed in this book: cruelty. 
The slight love triangle actually threatened my enjoyment of this book. I was already pissed off with Emma, that just made me want to throw the book across the room and not look back...until I remembered the short story and what happened after the car crashed...and then I was curious again as to where that was going. Because I had been wondering--and what do you know, I was right.
"an unfamiliar feeling swept over her, catching her by surprise. What was it? Pride? Respect? Possession?" Are you really trying to pull it off that Emma has never felt those emotions? Because yeah, that irritated me. She is a mother, she has felt all of those emotions. 
Okay, and the ending? I felt that was rather rushed and under-explained. I didn't like how it was set up or the execution. It really didn't fit in with the rest of the writing in this series. It did take me off guard a bit, because I had a whole different idea going. (That's a compliment by the way.)
Other than that, I couldn't put this book down. Even when I wanted to. It was very engaging, tons of action! A lot of what goes on is realistic. I loved the get away scenes. Very creative! I'm very eager to read the next book!

Read from November 23 to 25, 2012
Books I have.

Reached (Matched #3) by Ally Condie [Spoiler Alert]

"I could write paper people and I would love them too; I could make them almost real."

I just finished this...and the tears in my eyes have yet to dry!
I really loved this series. Ally has a way with words. And I was completely blown away by this book. It did not disappoint. Absolutely beautiful. 
This book, like the others, gets your brain working. You start thinking and connecting; creating thoughts of your own. Very inspiring.
I liked the fact that there was very little romance--but enough to keep you in touch with the love birds in the story. Most of it was focused on strategy and adventure, not much was dedicated to action, but it wasn't needed.

I really fell in love with Xander in this book. He was so mature. I cried for him on more than one occasion. I think I liked him more than Ky and I was happy where things ended up for them. I didn't think that Cassia could give him everything he deserved.

I must say that I loved every single character in this book. None of them were cardboard cut outs. Each was special and had something to share, adding to the brilliance of this book, not just floating through it.

I also loved all the twists and turns of the pilot. Really, this book was magical. There are so many ways to take it. It sounds off about everything, religion, race, political agenda, and even cliques at school. 

I am sad to see it end--but I am thrilled that it was not rushed. It really satisfied my need to know, and need to see things through.

Read from November 25 to 26, 2012
Books I have.

After Dark (The 19th Year #1) by Emi Gayle [Spoiler Free]

"You didn't eat him did you?"

"Did you know humans and...we...we and humans...the chow mein noodles the chopsticks?"

I loved Suze. He was my favourite character in this book...sadly, not very demon-like though.
An easy read. It didn't take long for me to get through it. I actually was not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. I did like the whole changeling aspect of it--though at first I was a little confused by it. I wasn't thrilled with how the ending was handled with the Council. It was rather lame, their half assed explanations. I think that Mac should have shown her anger a little more--or at least expressed it better. But otherwise I was satisfied--although it was rather predictable. However, I was very fond of the humour! I had lots of laughs in this read, I will be looking out for the next book.

Read from November 27 to 28, 2012

Clarity (Cursed #2) by Claire Farrell [Spoiler Free]

I liked the first book in this series, but this one was a lot better. I'd actually give it 3.5 stars.
The only issue I actually have with this, is that Perdita has an issue with werewolves and violence...that's stupid. Aggression is part of their nature, it is something to be expected. Does it mean that she should let them walk all over her? No. But to have some serious issues with Nathan after seeing what being a werewolf entails, is a bit stupid. But on the other side of that, it was good to have it brought up. I also liked how she was having a hard time with dealing with the fact that she had killed someone--regardless of whether it was in self defense or not. Because that was something I really could see happening to anyone. It would not be an easy thing to live with. Her mom is a piece of work, and the jump from disdain to open mindedness was a great route to take, however, I felt it happened too quickly, and easily. I think there would have been a lot more resentment and rebellion against that idea than there actually was. But it is safe to say I am addicted and I do need to know how this ends.

Read from November 28 to 29, 2012
Books I have.

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